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With Century Group’s experience and reputation in the industry, we don’t have to look too far to find top tier financial professionals. You tend to find us. We’re the only firm that tracks candidates throughout their careers, so we always know when you’re ready to move on… and what kind of opportunity you’re seeking.We believe that candidates are clients too, and we focus on making each candidate successful. From direct hire executive and professional opportunities to interim and project consulting engagements – we identify and evaluate opportunities one at a time based on your individually designed needs and goals. All by way of the same process:


Identify: First we work with you to identify your career objectives, motivation, and your “wish list” criteria – essentially your ideal role, company, culture, management style, etc.
Evaluate: Next we search our exclusive list of corporate clients and their current talent requirements. We then evaluate how their career or interim opportunities stack up against each other and your “wish list” and rank them accordingly.
Deliver: We’ll present you for appropriate career opportunities or interim assignments and help you coordinate interviews, provide any necessary interview tutoring, and follow up with both parties to assess interest and perceived compatibility. After your interviews, we offer our expertise to assist you in making your selection, help with salary negotiations and facilitate a seamless transition, with periodic follow-up to ensure satisfaction of all parties.

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