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Become an Interim or Project Professional

Century Group’s Interim and Project Services practice is a professional community of Accounting and Finance Professionals. We work as part of clients’ teams, to execute interim roles and complete key projects. Our interim and project professionals are experienced Accounting and Finance professionals with 10+ years business experience. We hire experienced professionals – CPAs and MBAs – with functional experience in CPA firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Working with Century Group Professionals can provide you with flexibility, variety, control and work/life balance in your career.

The benefits of interim and project consulting:

If you’re an experienced, self-motivated professional then an alternative career as a Project Consultant may be the right fit for you. We’re seeking experienced professionals with the following qualifications and/or experience:

Advanced Credentials such as:

Functional Experience at Big 4 CPA firms and Fortune 1000 companies in:


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Century Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.