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Better, Faster, More consistently than anyone.

Our Services


Unlike other recruitment firms, we don’t specialize in finance and accounting. We’re experts in it. So we have an intimate understanding of the level of insight, expertise and finely honed talent companies need to mitigate risk, boost performance and drive growth. And for years, we’ve been developing relationships with candidates who bring precisely that. With our dedicated focus and insider access to prime candidates, Century Group delivers the best of the best. More swiftly and surely than the rest.


Whether you’ve suddenly lost your CFO or a new project demands more expertise than you have in-house, our senior-level professionals are ready and able to bridge the gap. Using our proven executive search methodology, we’ve hired some of the field’s leading talent as our own. Their sophisticated skill sets and seasoned business acumen make these Big 4 and Fortune 500 veterans an asset to your team and ours. With Century Group, when the need is immediate, so is the solution.