We do one thing.

Better, Faster, More consistently than anyone.

Our Approach


From on-demand project staffing to time-sensitive executive searches, our solutions are individually designed to meet each company’s specific needs and goals. All by way of the same proven process:



The organization: First we interview key members of your team to fully understand your company, its goals, challenges, culture and hierarchy.

The need: Together, we define the scope of your project or position, performance goals, and the specific skill set and qualifications required.

The long list: We then search our exclusive network for finance and accounting’s top performers, relevant industry contacts and companies comparable to yours to identify all candidates who meet the established criteria. And our standards.


The pre-qualifying round: Next, we interview the candidates on the long list to assess their interest, motivation, level of readiness and endorsability. For project consultants, this includes reference and background checks.

The first cut: We then evaluate how the pre-qualified candidates stack up against each other and rank them accordingly.

The short list: Only the top 5 or 6 candidates for direct placement – or top 3 for interim positions – will make it onto our short list.


The first impression: We’ll help you coordinate interview with the short-listed candidates, provide any necessary interview tutoring, and follow up with both parties to assess interest and perceived compatibility.

The final cut: After your interviews, we arrange necessary reference and background checks and offer our expertise to assist you in making your final selection.

The hire: Once you’ve made your decision, we assist with salary negotiations and facilitate a seamless transition, with periodic follow-up to ensure the satisfaction of all parties.

When you lose a valuable team member, the entire organization feels it. So Century Group is constantly sourcing talent, even before the need arises. Saving you time, cost and uncertainty, while optimizing your company’s performance.

The right fit. Right now.

Through ongoing recruitment, Century Group maintains a thriving network  of top caliber financial professionals ready to hit the ground running. They’re extensively prescreened to ensure their qualifications and experience match your requirements, and knowing them as individuals, we can gauge how effortlessly they’ll become part of your team. We also provide résumés in a standardized format, making it easier and faster to compare apples to apples, skill set to skill set. So easy, in fact, that those clients typically find project consultants in a matter of hours and make final selections for direct placement in less than 5 interviews and 30 days.

Risk-free. Guaranteed.

With our track record, Century Group can confidently offer one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. And we do. No risk. Money back. Of course, with an average 96% of our candidates satisfying the guarantee period, it almost never comes up. But it’s a testament to the value we place on relationships. As is the fact that 85% of our clients are returning clients or referrals. It’s a trust that we continue to earn with every engagement, rigorously evaluating candidates to reduce turnover as well as cost of hire.

Top talent. Peak performance.

Century Group gives you access to some of the nation’s highest achievers in finance and accounting. Over 70% of our candidates have advanced degrees and credentials as well as Big 4 and Fortune 500 experience. This level of talent combined with Century Group’s painstaking pre-selection process results in faster, fitter hires and virtually seamless transitions. For more deadlines met. More efficient workload distribution. And one finely tuned corporate machine.