We do one thing.

Better, Faster, More consistently than anyone.


Identifying, evaluating and delivering – in other words – recruiting the right person for the right role requires great people. We think that the best recruiters will be drawn to the opportunity to work with the best clients and candidates.  We’ve built our firm around five core beliefs – they’re what make our firm strong and enduring:

Help People Succeed: Those three words are at the heart of everything we do.  We believe we will be successful if we help people – our clients, candidates, consultants and associates – succeed.   We invest in long-term relationships, taking time to understand each client’s and candidate’s goals and needs.  We maintain an open dialogue with our clients and candidates throughout an assignment, ensuring expectations are met on both sides.

Clients’ Interest Come First: Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.   We take great pride in our work and only accept assignments in our area of expertise and we are determined to achieve excellence and deliver more value than expected in every search and interim assignment we undertake. We believe that candidates are clients too, and we focus on making each candidate successful.

Identify, Evaluate and Deliver the Right Person:  We make extraordinary efforts to recruit the right person for our clients.  Our success over the past 25 years is attributable to the quality of our people and a focus on excellence in client service.  We identify proven professionals and executives – leaders who can make a significant impact – one at a time.

Maintain a Reputation for Integrity: Our continued success depends upon unswerving integrity and honesty. We regularly receive confidential information as part of our normal client and candidate relationships.  To breach a confidence or use information improperly is unthinkable to us.

The “Group Concept” in Everything We Do: While individual performance is critical to success, we have found that the group magnifies results exponentially. We operate as one firm and support each other fiercely.   This helps us maintain high standards for service and ensures all exceptional candidates are considered and evaluated carefully before recommendations are made.