We do one thing.

Better, Faster, More consistently than anyone.


When Harry Boxer founded Century Group in 1989, he could not have imagined the reach his small firm would eventually have; more than 25 years later the firm has grown into a powerhouse, executing nearly 20,000 search and interim engagements over the last decade.


Our goal was never to be the biggest, but rather the leader in the financial profession. Within a decade of our founding, we were servicing clients throughout Southern California. As our client base continues to grow, we’ve established offices in Costa Mesa, Glendale and Westlake Village, but we’ve never lost our niche focus.


As we grow, so too does our commitment to our “group” concept. We believed then – and now – that only by remaining a single firm, rather than a loose confederation of offices and recruiters, could we deliver the best client service and treat our own people with fairness and integrity. It’s our belief in the “group” concept that enables us to view our network as a global talent pool that we can collectively draw on as needed to deliver the best service to our clients, regardless of location.



Taking a unique spin on the industry, we redeployed the tools of executive search to identify, evaluate and deliver experienced Accounting and Finance Professionals – CPAs and MBAs – to our clients on a just-in-time project or interim basis. By 2003, our loyal clientele defined our next service offering and the Interim and Project Services practice was launched to help clients complete key project initiatives and execute interim roles.


In 2007, Century Group became a founding partner in the annual CFO of the Year Awards in Los Angeles, presented to Chief Financial Officers that demonstrate superior leadership and financial stewardship of their respective organizations. We’re pleased to now participate on the nomination committee, awards jury and presentation of honors at the annual awards ceremonies for Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County.


We introduced Century Group Quarterly (CGQ) in 2010 to present key insights, perspectives, research and career opportunities to Accounting and Finance professionals worldwide. Today, more than 30,000 clients, candidates, and consultants receive CGQ via email.


We launched the Century Group Compensation Report for Financial Professions in 2013, which studies and reports on current trends affecting salaries, benefits, work/life balance, career advancement and professional development.


We celebrated 25 years of extraordinary service in the Southern California finance community in 2015. Click here to read more.