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You can’t plan for everything, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Century Group is constantly sourcing talent, even before your need arises. We’ll save you time, cost and uncertainty while optimizing your company’s performance. With our singular focus and recruitment process, Century Group delivers the kind of talent that doesn’t just make a team complete — it makes it better.

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Interim Staffing in 24 Hours

You can’t plan for everything, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Century Group continually sources prime accounting and financial talent — providing businesses with skilled and credentialed professionals when the need arises.


Professional Placement in 30 Days

Replacing vital team members through in-house searches can be costly and ineffective. Our streamlined process efficiently delivers guaranteed results to meet your company’s specific goals and criteria.





The organization: First we interview key members of your team to full understand your company, it’s goals, challenges, culture and hierarchy.

The need:Together, we define the scope of your project or position, performance goals, and the specific skill set and qualifications required.

The long list: We then search our exclusive network of finance and accounting’s top performers, relevant industry contacts and companies comparable to yours to identify all candidates who meet the established criteria. And our standards.

The prequalifying round: Next, we interview the candidates on the long list to assess their interest, motivation, level of readiness and endorsability. For project consultants, this includes reference and background checks.

The first cut: We then evaluate how the prequalified candidates stack up against each other and rank them accordingly.

The short list: Only the top 5 to 6 candidates for direct placement–or top 3 for interim positions–will make it onto our short list.

The first impression: We’ll help you coordinate interviews with the short-listed candidates, provide any necessary interview tutoring, and follow up with both parties to assess interest and perceived compatibility.

The final cut: After your interviews, we conduct all necessary reference and background checks and offer our expertise to assist you in making your final selection.

The hire: Once you’ve made your decision, we assist with salary negotiations and facilitate a seamless transition, with periodic follow-up to ensure the satisfaction of all parties.


The Century Group team is made up of former accountants and executive recruiters with an average of 10 years’ experience and a consummate understanding of our clients’ industries. Through ongoing recruitment, we maintain a thriving network of top caliber financial professionals ready to hit the ground running.

With Century Group’s experience and reputation in the industry, we don’t have to look too far to find top tier financial professionals. They tend to find us. We’re the only firm that tracks candidates throughout their careers, so we always know when they’re ready to move on. With Big 4 and Fortune 500 experience plus advanced degrees and credentials, our candidates are some of the industry’s most sought after. And our clients have exclusive access.

“I had 10 criteria for the position. Other recruiting firms threw a stack of resumes at me. Century Group sent me only 3 candidates. Every one met all 10.

Vice President of Human Resources, Publicly Traded Internet Company


We’ve conducted more than 30,000 searches for leading companies within the last three decades, successfully filling positions from the professional to executive level. By extensively pre-screening our financial talent, we ensure that their qualifications and experience match our clients’ requirements — even gauging how effortlessly they’ll fit into a company’s team. We also provide resumes in a standardized format that makes it easier for clients to compare skill set to skill set, so they can find project consultants in a matter of hours and make final selections for direct placement in 30 days.


Chief Accounting Officer

Vice President



Senior Accountant


Partner (CPA Firm)

Vice President


Senior Professional


Chief Financial Officer


Vice President


Senior Analyst


Our robust talent nexus is made up of the nation’s highest achievers — empowering our diverse client base with hands-on experience in a growing range of industries. The Century Group team uses its combined experience and insight to understand the needs of the various industries we serve. Couple that with our unmatched expertise in finance and accounting, and we deliver not just the top people, but the right people. Guaranteed.

Advanced Electronics

Aerospace & Defense

Automotive & Assembly

Consumer Goods & Retail

Distribution, Transportation & Logistics

Electric Power & Natural Gas

Financial Services


High Technology


Media & Entertainment

Metals & Mining

Natural & Renewable Resources

Oil & Gas

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Private Equity

Real Estate

Social Sector


Travel & Hospitality

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