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what recruiters are looking for in 2021

What Recruiters are Looking for in 2021

You did it – you made it through one of the most challenging and unique years in recent history. Now what? Economists are anticipating strong GDP growth in 2021 as the global economy stabilizes and continues to recover from the pandemic. But while hopes for a more normal workforce remains on the horizon, the impacts

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Everything You Need To Know About Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

As we prepare to usher in 2021, Colorado employers should add the state’s “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” to its list of things to consider. Effective Jan. 1, the new law protects against pay discrimination on the basis of sex (or sex in combination with another protected status). It also forbids an employer from

Your Guide to Successful Video Interviews

Your Guide to Successful Video Job Interviews

Job interview prep looks slightly different over the last several months. Video job interviews are increasingly becoming the norm, requiring candidates to add computer placement, internet connection and learning new body language cues to their list of to-dos. We’ve rounded up some of our key tips to helping you ace your next video interview. That

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