Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger


With master’s degrees in Psycho-Diagnostics and Behavior Development from Yeshiva University and CUNY, Don Yaeger always loved to find out what makes people tick. So it came as no surprise that the challenge of motivating candidates to make a career move would immediately pique Don’s interest with a career as a recruiter in the late ’70s.

By the late ’80s, Harry Boxer was starting his own firm and invited Don to join him as partner and VP, along with a keen, young colleague named Ron Proul. In the fall of 1989, Century Group was born.

From a founding group of half a dozen recruiters, Century Group has grown into the largest accounting and finance search firm in LA. Don’s exploratory style complemented the point-and-shoot efficiency of co-founder  Harry Boxer — developing a firm-wide approach that focuses on meeting clients’ immediate needs, while setting them up to thrive long-term.

After serving Century Group’s clients for 25 years, Don credits its now CEO, Ron Proul, for continuing to transform the company he helped found into a flourishing, forward-thinking corporation following his retirement in 2015.