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Careers at Century Group



We are the trusted advisor to many Accounting and Finance professionals and executives. We serve more than 80 percent of Southern California’s Fortune 500 companies and 85% of our business comes from returning clients.

The Century Group team is made up of former accountants and executive recruiters with an average 10 years’ experience and a consummate understanding of our clients industries. It’s this deep expertise and unwavering focus on finance and accounting that enables us to deliver not just the top people, but the right people. Every time. Guaranteed. Which is how we build vital, enduring relationships with our clients and candidates. To say nothing of the relationships we build between them. The diversity of our team gives Century Group the range of expertise we need to tackle our clients’ most complex problems.

THE GROUP CONCEPT Great people get even better when they work together. We operate as one firm, bringing the best talent from our external network to each recruiting or interim engagement. We have a fundamental belief that collaborating as one team in delivering our services will have the greatest impact on our clients’ success. In whatever role you join us— Executive Recruiter, Project Consultant, Client Services Director—you will work in this exciting environment as part of team. We work alongside clients as a peer and adviser and we give talented individuals the opportunity to succeed within a group of supportive professionals. We encourage teamwork and limit red tape.

HELPING PEOPLE SUCCEED Helping people succeed is a central part of our philosophy. It ensures that our people are quickly presented with opportunities to do work that matters. At Century Group you’ll be able to seize professional opportunities to make a difference in the public, private, and social sectors. There’s no single practice area that has a monopoly on significance. As an Executive Recruiter, Client Services Director, Project Consultant or Managing Director – you have opportunities to help clients, candidates, consultants, teammates and yourself succeed.

PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM Our people enjoy a degree of professional freedom that few other careers can provide. We look for achievers – self-motivated professionals with a track record of success and a desire to take on new challenges. As a Director, Executive Recruiter or Project Consultant – you will work closely with client executives and teams and have the freedom to identify and deliver the right talent solutions whether it’s a full-time direct placement, project or interim assignment.

THE WORK-LIFE JOURNEY All of us join Century Group because we want a career that makes a difference in the lives of our clients, colleagues, consultants and candidates. And we want a career that makes a full life possible. One of the first questions many ask is “Can I succeed at Century without giving up my entire life?” The answer is Yes. Working at Century Group is intense but we understand that you have dreams outside of work and we fully support work-life balance. We enjoy flexible schedules and a culture that is 100 percent compatible with career success. And we’re constantly testing new ways that enable you get closer to the mythical work-life balance.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Personal development is a catchy concept these days. At Century Group, it’s more than that. Helping people succeed is at the core of everything we do. Professional development is a journey not an event. It’s a journey that starts with one simple but powerful premise: everyone who is here has strengths. Our mission is to help you succeed with those strengths. We want to understand what you are great at and then build upon what you do best. In the process of expanding your skills in accounting and finance, relationship-building, client development, and recruiting you will grow in confidence and be better equipped to help others succeed. The best thing for us is to help you succeed and keep building on the best you have to offer.

THE COMPANY WE KEEP We help leading companies succeed one person, one project at a time. With the marketplace more volatile and competitive than ever, what sets an organization apart, what gives it a real and meaningful advantage, is its talent. The people who make the difference between profit and loss. Cost and benefit. Risk and reward. The ones who inspire everyone around them to be better. And make any team far greater than the sum of its parts. Our clients are leading public and private enterprises. They come in all shapes and sizes – emerging companies, private equity backed portfolio companies, mid-market growth companies and 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in Southern California. We’ve executed nearly 20,000 recruiting and interim assignments in the last decade. Industries served include:

Aerospace Agriculture Banking
Biotechnology Consumer Products Defense
Entertainment & Media Energy Engineering
Healthcare Hospitality Insurance
Manufacturing Public Accounting Real Estate
Retail Software Technology


Project & Interim Consultant – Accounting and Finance

Clients are relying more and more on project and interim professionals to execute key projects and interim roles. Consultants play a key role at Century Group as they partner with client executives and teams to complete key projects and execute interim roles. Many of our Consultants go on to become Recruiting and Client Service Directors, others join client companies in key roles on a full-time basis but most embrace the alternative career that Project and Interim Consulting provides. We hire project and interim professionals with 5+ years experience at CPA firms and leading companies in a variety of functional areas including:

If you’re looking for a high degree of professional freedom, variety and work/life balance – call us today.

Director of Client Services

Client Service Directors understand our clients’ challenges and help them identify the right professionals to complete key projects and execute interim roles. Client Service Directors are focused on:

Director of Recruiting

Recruiting Directors are charged with identifying, evaluating and deploying experienced professionals for our client projects and interim engagements. Recruiting Directors work as part of a team with Client Service Directors to:

Executive Recruiter

Executive Recruiters are responsible for helping clients by identifying, evaluating and attracting leading professional and executive-level talent. Executive Recruiters works as part of a team to:

Managing Director

Managing Directors lead our practice offices and are responsible for strengthening client relationships and identifying, winning and growing new business opportunities. In addition to client services, Managing Directors manage the office P&L, oversee support staff, provide coaching and mentoring to team members and make critical people decisions. While each office develops its own culture and sense of team, we share a common vision and mission: to help clients succeed.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services team provides marketing, finance, technology, legal, human resources, and operational support that help all of us at Century Group succeed.


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Century Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.