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A Recruiter’s Guide to Finding Your Next Great Hire

CEOs agree: finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges of 2019. See, a bad hire is costly. There’s the loss of dollars put toward recruitment and training, as well as revenue from having an open position. Recent surveys by The Predictive Index, XpertHR and Gartner, Inc. each present this challenge in different ways — illustrating the

soft skills in the workplace

Boost Your Career by Developing These 5 Soft Skills

AI can seem like a formidable foe to the everyday employee. For one, artificial intelligence has the potential to increase productivity. Joined with enhanced accuracy and reduced costs, and the future looks progressively automated. Fret not, candidates. Employers don’t underestimate the soft skills needed for a company to thrive — characteristics that bring value to

how to attract and retain talent

3 Tactics to Win the War for Talent

There’s a consensus among employers: talent is hard to find. And that’s a battle that can bring down the most established of companies. Our suggestion? Alter your approach to meet the demands of the skilled professionals you’re looking to court. Century Group’s 2019 Salary Guide for Financial Professions found three trends that ranked highest among

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