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CG Recruitment Trends Part 1

Recruitment Trends Series: Investing in Internal Talent Acquisition

BY: Ron Proul, CEO This hot, candidate-driven market reminds me of the bubbles of 1989, 2001 and 2007. And just like with those markets, many companies are understandably employing strategies that reduce outside fees. However, many of these strategies end up backfiring, rather than accomplishing the goal of attracting the very best talent. In Century

5 Ways to Work Your Network to Land Your Dream Job

5 Ways to Work Your Network and Land Your Dream Job

There are things that just work, no matter what the industry, occasion or decade. Networking is one of those things. And we’re not just referring to the more common online methods used today — in-person connections are valuable, too. The reason? It’s all about finding your edge. Applying the traditional way is a tedious process,

2019 Q2 Employment Report

Q2 Accounting and Finance Employment Report

Q1 ended on a high note — painting the picture of a healthy job market as March came to a close. February’s disappointing 20,000 jobs even edged upward to a revised 33,000, while the Labor Department reported an impressive gain of 196,000 jobs last month. These figures surpass most economists’ expectations as the threat of

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