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becoming manager

Are You Prepared To Be a Manager? Here’s How You Can Know

Considering becoming a manager? Here are the top ways to know you’re prepared for that next phase in your career. Check your Internal Motivation: Where Are You at in Your Career? Think about your current role: do you know it well enough to teach someone else how to do it? Some make the mistake of

Managing hybrid staff

Managing Hybrid Staff: 4 Insights for Success

Many companies are making the switch to hybrid, and as a manager, understanding and adapting to this new style of work is essential. How can you successfully manage a hybrid workforce? Here are four tips to help you out. Be Flexible You’re likely familiar with the fact that your employees — and their work preferences

hack your work life

4 Ways to Hack Your Work Life

There’s a lot going on right now. The thing is — that seems to be the natural state of the world as of late. Our advice? Don’t let your job performance be affected by those outside nuisances. We’ve rounded up a few proven ways to hack your work life and stay on track with your

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