Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging. Thriving.

At Century Group, we believe that our differences make us stronger — a diverse workforce is essential to success. That is why we have committed to ourselves and to our clients to provide a culture and service that values and promotes diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunities. We embrace these principles in every aspect of our business to ensure we consistently deliver a diverse and talented workforce that will thrive.

Our Commitment to Our Employees, Clients and Candidates

Applying principles of equity and social justice to achieve equal employment opportunities for qualified individuals of all backgrounds.

Attracting, recruiting, retaining, engaging, supporting, developing and advancing underrepresented and diverse employees, including but not limited to, women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, individuals of different religious, cultural and societal backgrounds, and any other underrepresented employees.

Respectfulness, Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity

  • Fostering a collaborative work environment in which all employees participate and contribute

  • Empowering and providing a safe space for all employees to express themselves, exchange ideas, and feel heard

  • Embracing different points of view and backgrounds

  • Encouraging employees to be open and curious about others’ experiences and perspectives

Our Corporate Responsibility

At Century Group, all leaders, managers and employees play a role in making us a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone — and we approach our professional staffing and recruiting services no differently. We are dedicated to including candidates of diverse backgrounds to match the needs of our clients.

We recognize that we must continue to challenge ourselves to ensure these values are upheld, and are committed to evaluating existing programs and adapting or introducing new initiatives as our diversity and inclusion goals evolve.

Monica CondracheDiversity & Inclusion at Century Group