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Great Talent

People are the cornerstone of Century Group. Our singular goal as employers is to provide the unparalleled support, flexibility and technology our team members need to excel. We’ve established ourselves as a premier accounting and finance recruitment and staffing firm by giving our producers world-class resources and fostering a vibrant company culture.

With us, you join a team of ambitious and talented peers who are generously rewarded for their work. From well-equipped office spaces to high success rates, our collaborative environment gives you everything you need to thrive. Even more, a career at Century Group allows you to positively transform someone’s life with each successful job match.

Limitless Earning Potential

Recruiter success knows no bounds with our generous, incentive-based compensation structure. And, our deal-sharing model is at the heart of this success. Sharing risks and rewards cultivates an atmosphere where teamwork isn’t just encouraged — it’s financially rewarding, too.

Free from territorial restrictions, you can impact all our locations. Our focused expertise in accounting and finance ensures we consistently scout and secure the most sought-after industry talent.

Best-in-Class Technology and Platforms

We want our team members to have the tools they need to make outstanding placements and the time to build relationships, helping our network of clients, candidates and consultants succeed.

If you’re a recruiter, our tools help you source outstanding candidates, screen, assess and track incoming applications — automating tasks so you don’t get bogged down by office work and are free to focus on the activities that amplify your income.

We Invest in Training and Development

Producers can quickly and consistently develop their skills and knowledge using in-house programs, operational support and top-tier research tools and databases.

We also provide educational reimbursement for team members obtaining special certifications or continuing their formal education, while leadership and mentorship opportunities offer personal development and growth.

Life at Century Group

As a firm founded by recruiters, we know how empowering it is to be part of a diverse, dynamic and cohesive force that serves a unified purpose and creates tangible results. Each member strengthens the team with their distinct skills, perspectives and ambitions.

From inspirational and team-building activities to social outings, we promote the robust team mentality that drives our remarkable collective success. After all, a team that has fun together and trusts each other performs even better.

We Live By Our Values

The Group Concept

We act as one firm focused on delivering excellence with every engagement.

Commitment to Excellence

We aim to build a culture of performance that attracts, develops and retains top performers.

Client Focus

When we focus on our clients’ success, our candidates, contractors and colleagues also succeed.


We are committed to being honest and transparent — upholding the trust placed in us by those we serve.

Leadership by Example

We set high standards in all aspects of our work, leading by individual performance, behavior and conduct.

Our Career Paths

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