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2024 Outlook

The job market is forecasted to continue its cool down in 2024 — sustaining the slow-growth trajectory that began in the second half of last year. In fact, ITR Economics notes the high quit rate that plagued many employers in 2022 has also ticked down, indicating candidates’ confidence of their position in the hiring landscape has waned.

But, for skilled accounting and finance professionals, the story is a different one. More than 300,000 accountants and auditors left the profession within the past several years — which is only exacerbated by the shortage of new talent entering the field.

Translation: it’s all a balancing act.

of CFOs continue to face significant talent shortages (source: cfo.com)

Balancing the Books

Navigating the Talent Shortage in Finance & Accounting

The search for skilled and credentialed professionals is an increasing challenge for finance leaders and their teams — prompting CFOs to reconsider their hiring strategies, while making sure to keep their companies’ bottom line top-of-mind in an uncertain economic environment.

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Century Group stands as an award-winning recruiting and staffing firm dedicated to providing superior talent to start-up, mid-market and Global 1000 enterprises. With a wealth of experience spanning three decades, we leverage our specialized focus and vast talent network to swiftly identify, evaluate and deliver professionals that meet your professional needs.

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At Century Group, our team of distinguished former accountants and seasoned executive recruiters bring a wealth of experience. With a profound understanding of our client’s industries and job needs, we take pride in our reputation for excellence. Our reputation isn’t just a name — it’s where talent meets success.

Direct Hire Solutions

We offer a proven process for talent solutions that tracks candidates 
throughout their careers. Over 70% of our candidates have advanced 
degrees and credentials from renowned entities like the Big 4 and Fortune
 500. Your vision, our talent — together, we can build a better future.

Professional Staffing Solutions

Navigating the complexities of today’s marketplace requires foresight. Century Group leads the way by proactively identifying talent before your needs arise. Join us on a journey toward fresh opportunities, and where our prescreened professionals — equipped with top-tier skills and credentials — match any long-term hire.

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In the last decade, we’ve conducted 30,000 direct hire and temporary assignments for leading companies in a growing range of industries, successfully filling positions in accounting, finance, tax and audit functions.

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