3 Repercussions of Ghosting That Job Interview

August 8, 2018
3 Repercussions of Ghosting That Job Interview

People can be flaky — this isn’t anything new. But an emerging phenomenon that seems to be stumping employers? Ghosting. At work.

In a market that has more job openings than job seekers, companies are facing unprecedented challenges. It seems the tables have turned. Rather than leaving hundreds of applicants in the dark, hiring managers are now left to play the guessing game — wondering why their calls are being unanswered, interviews no-showed and offers left on the table.

And as candidates have more and more options available to them, this trend shows no signs of slowing. But, job seekers, beware: it does have significant ramifications to your career in the long run. We break down what ghosting in the workplace says about you.


We’re a society of multitaskers — juggling responsibilities, tasks and calendars isn’t a plus, but a must. Especially to potential employers. Flaking on a job interview — a period when candidates are expected to be on their best behavior — offers a poor preview of your performance as a future employee. The simple, yet important, ability to meet scheduled appointments reinforces your accountability. Without that, you not only risk your professional reputation — but the company’s.


Time is money. Ghosting or canceling a meeting on a late notice shows that you have little regard for others’ schedules, as that time could’ve been designated to address other business opportunities. Bottom line: being inconsiderate is frowned upon in both personal and office settings.


This point is probably one of the most damning for job seekers. The job search — no matter how quickly technology advances — will always consist of making connections and building on your professional network. Skipping out on a planned interview illustrates your willingness to destroy potential opportunities. And hiring managers and employers don’t forget. Recruiting firms keep a steady log of candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and behavior on the job — not wanting to risk the company’s standing by working with those who have little regard for their own.

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