4 Steps to Landing Your Next Promotion

January 24, 2022
4 Steps to Landing Your Next Promotion

When you find yourself achieving all your goals, feeling ready to face new tasks and wanting to focus on new initiatives, it might be time to ask for a promotion. It can be a daunting process, but knowing when and how to make the request can make things easier — and certainly help your career.

Before approaching your manager, remember that you must first define your goals. Now is the moment to be your biggest supporter. Take some time to make a list of your most significant professional accomplishments in the last year. Use your three most notable achievements as the foundation of your case for a promotion. Once you have locked down why you deserve it, use the following steps to get prepared:

1. Avoid Being Vague About Your Value.

It’s natural for many of us to be modest. But there’s a significant difference between being modest and underselling yourself. Consider the fact that what seems ordinary to you could be extraordinary to someone else. There is no such thing as an insignificant achievement, so make a list of them.

2. Plan to Meet Face-to-Face.

Emailing your proposal does seem more convenient, but it can also be significantly riskier. This ask is undeniably a face-to-face discussion (whether virtual or live), and you should schedule it sooner than later. It may feel it’s easier to express things that you would generally be afraid to address in person via email, but you also miss out on opportunities when you forego a conversation in favor of digital communications.

3. Practice Asking.

Asking for a promotion is the type of discussion that should be rehearsed. Once you’re satisfied with your script, we recommend going over the conversation numerous times with friends or family. Practicing means being more comfortable talking about yourself and your talents, as well as proactively prepping for inquiries or even obstacles that may emerge. If you get nervous, remember that most of the negation work is done before you ever even ask.

4. Don’t Wait to Be Recognized.

The most obvious opportunity to inquire about a promotion is during your review. It is an established chance for you and your boss to evaluate how you’ve been doing and where your career is heading. However, you should not sit around and wait for the promotion to be delivered to you. Instead, take the initiative and begin talking to your manager as soon as possible. Of course, don’t expect them to be able to read your thoughts. If you want more responsibility, a more prominent role or believe you’ve proved increasing value to the business in your existing capacity, it’s critical that you speak up and let them know.

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