4 Ways to Hack Your Work Life

August 31, 2022
4 Ways to Hack Your Work Life

There’s a lot going on right now. The thing is — that seems to be the natural state of the world as of late. Our advice? Don’t let your job performance be affected by those outside nuisances. We’ve rounded up a few proven ways to hack your work life and stay on track with your career goals in 2022.

1. Start Your Work Day with the Toughest Task

People’s productivity hours vary. But devoting the first part of the work day to the most time-consuming or challenging item on your to-do list can help create some momentum. Even if you don’t completely finish the task in one go, you’ll still experience a sense of accomplishment that can keep you focused on your objectives.

2. Establish Two Deadlines

Life happens. And while deadlines hold us accountable and on schedule with accomplishing our set goals, missing said milestones can be a bad look — especially in a professional space. That’s where establishing two deadlines comes in. Create a small buffer for the unexpected by setting a deadline for yourself and an official deadline for colleagues or clients a few days later. Trust us; you’ll thank yourself for the extra time.

3. Take Control of Your Inbox

We spend a lot of time composing and responding to emails. And as the post-pandemic workplace continues to change, we are relying more and more on email and other technologies to communicate with our teams and business partners. But do you ever feel your inbox is starting to hijack your work day? Email batching is an easy strategy to relieve yourself of the need to constantly monitor your messages by allotting a few times throughout the day to working in your inbox. You’ll save time and energy by eliminating that one, yet all-consuming disruption and improve your focus on the task at hand.

4. Make Time for You

One of the fastest routes to burnout is not actively penciling in time for things you enjoy — outside of work. Yes, that means inputting hobbies, activities or outings in your calendar to ensure there is dedicated space in your week for things that bring you joy. Whether it’s a massage, cozying up with a good book or attending that Pilates class, these essential plans help you recharge and stay motivated during traditional work hours.

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