5 Ways a Recruiter Can Advance Your Job Search

September 15, 2021
5 Ways a Recruiter Can Advance Your Job Search

It’s time to jailbreak your job search. Cut the time, unanswered leads and barrage of resume send-outs with the addition of a key player who knows the process like their career depends on it. Because, well, it does.

Enter: the recruiter.

They can help simplify the job hunt process and get you noticed by the right people — all while providing personal support along the way.

1. Recruiters have established relationships with employers.

A strong professional network and landing the perfect career opportunity go hand-in-hand. Why not get a boost on the competition by leveraging a recruiter’s lengthy list of established relationships to your advantage? “We’re very well connected,” Century Group explains. “We know who to put the resume in front of, even if we haven’t worked directly with them.”

2. Recruiters streamline the job search process.

One of the biggest complaints job seekers have about finding a new job is the time — a luxury most people don’t have. That’s where the recruiter comes in. “We’re doing the work,” Century Group says. “At zero cost to you, we’re managing the entire process and scheduling multiple interviews with different companies on your behalf.”

3. Recruiters bring a personal touch with support and coaching.

A recruiter’s role is two-fold: supportive cheerleader and unflinching realist. It’s in their best interest to make your best interests a priority — even if that means giving you honest feedback and coaching during the job search and interview processes. From resume revisions to helping compose a memorable thank-you note, a recruiter will partner with you to find the right job that meets your individual qualifications and needs.

4. Recruiters give you access to exclusive positions.

Remember that insider’s knowledge that comes with the territory? Recruiters not only have their finger on the hidden job market, but can share valuable information about the company you’re interviewing with. “We also have the ability to market your background to companies that aren’t necessarily hiring and get you an interview,” Century Group adds. “We can get candidates into the positions they want.”

5. Recruiters add you to their talent network.

When you’re in, you’re in. Recruiting firms keep an up-to-date log of candidates they’ve worked with in the past, and use their respective tracking systems to match skill sets to positions. This allows recruiters to keep you in mind for new opportunities throughout your career. And when you’re ready to make a move, there’s already someone in place to help you in your search.

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