5 Ways to Overcome Stress at Work

April 9, 2019
5 Ways to Overcome Stress at Work

It’s time to take back control of your workday. Stress can easily curb your productivity — but only if you let it. Here are 5 steps to help overcome stress at work, so you can make the most of your nine to five.

1. Prioritize

You don’t have to be a list person to understand the importance of prioritizing. Life is messy and this is true in our professional lives, too. Learn to deconstruct the chaos. What needs to get done first? What can wait?  Breaking down the project or problem into itemized tasks of importance can help make the impossible seem doable.

2. Learn to Say No

Setting boundaries is key to maintaining your mental and emotional health. People-pleasers and overachievers, take note — it’s OK to say no sometimes. Know your limits and work to delegate or manage the workload realistically. This can also apply to after-office engagements or social plans. Any time you can put toward self-care or completing items on your to-do list can lessen the stress in all areas of your life.

3. Get Up and Move

There’s a lot of scientific data out there that illustrates the negative impact sitting behind a computer screen all day has on your well-being. That’s not as important here. We’re talking about the immediate, stress-reducing effects you can feel by breaking up your sedentary situation throughout the day. Take a brief walk around your building; spend time outside if the weather permits. Even standing up and performing a quick stretch by your work station can help loosen up the body, increase blood flow and release mood-boosting endorphins.

4. Find a Friend

Generally speaking, human beings are social creatures. Leaning on your peers for support, insight or even a friendly break can give your mind a much needed pause — allowing you to take a moment, reflect and approach the stressor with a clear head.

5. Listen to Music

Music therapy is an actual thing. Jamming out to your favorite tunes can boost your mood, lower cortisol levels and functions as an effective stress-reliever. Set a soothing workday backdrop to make tedious or taxing tasks more enjoyable — your mindset (and ears) will thank you.


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