Apple must contend with intensifying competition in mobile device market

May 10, 2018
Apple must contend with intensifying competition in mobile device market

With Apple expected to unveil its much-anticipated iPhone 5 this month, a number of analysts have been exploring the company’s market position and speculating about different trends and events that may affect the company’s performance.

Ashraf Eassa, a contributor for Seeking Alpha, wrote that the company is in “superb financial health,” but faces a number of significant risks, not the least of which is rising competition. Google and Microsoft recently released their first tablets, while third-party manufacturers are also producing devices that run on those companies’ software.

Aggressive price-cutting by competitors is a factor that will challenge Apple’s dominance. The company’s current success depends on maintaining high margins, but as cheap, competing devices come to be seen as “good enough” by an increasing segment of consumers, Apple may be forced to lower its own price.

Eassa asserts that, in the long-term, “either margins will drop or market share will decrease,” thus putting a potentially significant strain on Apple’s current business model.

Every company needs to prepare for this type of inevitable shift in the direction of the markets it serves.

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