Core values drive corporate success

July 5, 2012
Core values drive corporate success

In a recent article for Inc. Magazine, entrepreneur Curt Richardson drew on his experience as a business leader to show how staying true to core values provides a source of strength that empowers a company to thrive over time.

When Richardson first started making waterproof cases in the early ’90s, it was little more than a hobby. He made the first prototype in his garage. However, by establishing a solid identity for his business and holding to certain core values as it expanded, he was able to make his small company into a big success.

One of the values emphasized by Richardson was adaptability. Being able to respond to unexpected events and avoid service disruptions are key factors in a company’s ability to maintain high customer satisfaction. But, any adaptive moves must also account for the future and fit within the organization’s overall strategy.

For instance, if a business is currently in a “crunch” period, it may be beneficial to partner with a financial project consulting service. This can help a company overcome short-term obstacles while ensuring that present success doesn’t impede long-term goals.

Of course, it can be a challenge to maintain consistency in corporate values over time, as new employees bring their own ideas into the business and even long-serving staff members will change over time. This speaks to the need for focused recruitment efforts.

Hiring should be about more than just filling chairs. When you work with professional recruiters, it ensures that every candidate is being closely scrutinized. Recruitment firms examine more than just technical qualifications when they look at an applicant, because they understand the importance of finding a good fit between an individual’s outlook and an organization’s core values.

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