Executives should focus on creating a collaborative atmosphere

June 25, 2012
Executives should focus on creating a collaborative atmosphere

Business leaders in the modern economy are presented with countless opportunities to improve workplace collaboration every day. Even small initiatives can have a significant impact on a corporate staff’s ability to effectively cooperate to achieve organizational goals.

Launching brand new programs specifically focused on improving collaboration may have a certain appeal, as they create the image that something is happening immediately. However, many of the best avenues for increasing cohesion can include innovations to existing processes.

For instance, consider the auditing process. Every company must be proactive in ensuring that its business is conducted in accordance with corporate policies and governmental regulations. However, even routine audits can often become stressful events. Working with an internal audit consultant can aid a company in ensuring that it maintains consistency and integrity in its auditing practices, helping minimize the strain placed on employees while guaranteeing that all audits will be conducted in a comprehensive manner.

There are many other types of initiatives that can lead to a significant increase in the company’s overall level of cohesion. Of course, the recruitment process should be an important area of focus for any company seeking to improve the collaboration between its staff members.

Working with professional recruiters can help business leaders build a staff that is simultaneously diverse and cohesive. Although close cooperation is critical for effective administration, maintaining a level of diversity is also important.

Attempting to build a company based on a homogeneous staff of like-minded workers can cause the development of the dreaded situation known as “groupthink,” in which workers forego introducing fresh ideas or fail to critically analyze those offered by colleagues. If conformity becomes a group’s main goal, outdated or incorrect ideas can come to dominate its thinking, preventing their organization from adapting to the constantly shifting economic landscape.

The mixing of different ideas from free-thinking individuals is essential for the introduction of innovations and working with professional recruiters can help your company recruit bold innovators who are also team players.

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