Financial professionals can achieve big benefits by implementing innovative strategies

June 28, 2012
Financial professionals can achieve big benefits by implementing innovative strategies

It sounds improbable, but buying 100 iPads allowed Bob Apfel’s Bondholder Communications Group to save the Greek government $140 billion. This should make it clear to all corporate leaders that working with financial project consulting services can help them achieve success by embracing unconventional strategies that can bolster their business models.

Greece had been struggling under the weight of being $270 billion in debt and was desperate to renegotiate with its creditors. Apfel’s company had been brought in to facilitate the transaction, but even for his team of restructuring professionals, working out a comprehensive deal with over 100,000 different individuals and organizations – who are scattered all over the world – was a daunting task.

Apfel told Fortune Magazine that there was a clear need to create an information-sharing platform that fit the complex needs of the situation. He chose to buy 100 iPads and design a custom debt-restructuring application that included analytical tools and secure communication channels.

When the last deal closed, Greece’s debt had been reduced from $270 billion to $130 billion. Apfel says it was the largest financial transaction in history and that his team couldn’t have done it without the iPad. But, it is clear that Greece could not have done it without the help of qualified financial consultants.

Working with a financial project consulting service can help your business overcome challenges and thrive. Recruiting accountants for permanent positions can be a time-consuming process and sometimes, the need for an expanded staff is only centered on a particular project or problem.

But, when there’s an opportunity on the table, your company can’t afford to take the chance of missing out. That’s why your business should investigate how it can benefit from partnering with a firm that offers financial project consulting.

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