Financial professionals should prepare for the impact of new data management tools

August 22, 2012
Financial professionals should prepare for the impact of new data management tools

Data management has come to play an increasingly critical role in the operations of many companies. The need to carefully organize and control the flow of information is especially palpable for financial professionals.

According to a study of over 300 C-level executives conducted by Oracle, 93 percent of respondents believe that their organization is losing out on potential revenue due to its inability to fully leverage the data it collects. Given this figure, it follows logically that 97 percent of the executives surveyed say that their organization must make changes to improve its ability to utilize information over the course of the next two years.

The adoption of new technologies will inevitably play a role in shaping the way financial professionals do business. And, the proliferation of mobile devices is rapidly changing the way many professionals conceive of computing technology. Especially now that a number of players have jumped into the tablet market in a serious way, business leaders should expect the pace of innovation in that sector to remain fast and fluid.

Also, with Microsoft scheduled to release its new Windows 8 operating system and an updated suite of Office tools, even users of traditional computers should see an expanding array of options for working with business data.

If your company is not prepared to make use of new tools for managing data, it may be beneficial to hire a financial professional who brings technological expertise to the table. Partnering with a firm of corporate recruiters can help a business conclude a fast, effective financial professional search that leaves it in a strong position to capitalize on current trends.

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