Harry Boxer, Founder of Century Group, Celebrates 41 Years in the Recruiting Industry and Announces His Retirement

February 21, 2018
Today marks Harry Boxer’s anniversary in the recruiting industry. After 41 years in the business, he is retiring from his day-to-day role at Century Group, the company he founded, but will remain on the Board of Directors as Chairman Emeritus.

In the meantime, Harry still has a lot keeping him busy. He is the founder of a successful tech trading website, thetechtrader.com; author of the book “Profitable Day and Swing Trading;” has been a featured guest on many financial programs and sites; and is sought after to speak on the topic. Now he plans on writing a second book on trading.

From Moving Stocks to Moving People

Following years as a Wall Street broker, it was the state of the market combined with his keen intellect, drive, experience in sales and finance, and a way with words that led Century Group’s founder down this career path in 1974.

Harry Boxer
At a time when resumes were drafted on typewriters and the telephone was a recruiter’s best friend, Harry’s career in recruiting soared. He took to the new role like a duck to water, and within 18 months, he was the top producer at his firm.

Between delivering resumes on his lunch hour to copying a fax before the ink faded, Harry has seen it all. Even with the onset of computers, internet and email, he says one thing has not changed – the phone is still a recruiter’s best ally.

“I have found that those who make verbal presentations over the phone do the best in this industry,” he shared. That ability to make the pitch and really sell the candidate with a personal touch is what has helped him – and Century Group – succeed.

Leadership in Action

“A career spanning four decades speaks to the success and adaptability of one of the true leaders of the industry,” said CEO Ron Proul, who has worked with Harry since Century Group’s early years. “His passion, business acumen and knack for making deals is an inspiration to anyone in the search and placement profession.”

There has been another constant throughout all the technological changes­: the people. It is quite possibly Harry’s greatest achievement that he has been able to bring together – and keep together – so many talented people for so many years. And he is proud of the intelligent and insightful individuals who make up the firm. Not to mention, they not only share the same goals – they also share deals.

The team approach is an important part of the culture Harry has fostered. He estimates that he has interviewed about 20,000 people in his career, and he has a gift for reading people. “I can usually tell within five minutes if someone will work out at the company,” he said. “But I would never hire anyone without allowing every person on my staff a chance to meet the candidate.” It’s this collaborative approach that has set him and the firm apart.

“The people I hire also get the best training, because they work under seasoned recruiters and are encouraged to ask questions,” he shared. Twenty-five years later, Century Group still embraces what they call the group concept. Through this support system, the team becomes more personal and so do the placements.

But the real testament is Boxer’s own dedication to his career, his profession and the company he founded. After so many years in the business, he remained actively involved in the inner workings of Century Group. It is that dedication to the people and environment he nurtured that continues to punctuate his monumental career, and it is what will live on as his legacy.

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