How to Promote Remote Team Bonding

April 22, 2020
How to Promote Remote Team Bonding

As much of the U.S. settles into the changes brought on by the pandemic, employers are working to adjust accordingly. One area that your business may be overlooking: maintaining a strong company culture.

See, just because your employees are working from home, that doesn’t mean creating a collaborative, inclusive work environment isn’t important. In fact, it’s more essential now than ever to ensure your workers don’t feel isolated. Help promote engagement and remote team bonding with these virtually inspired ideas.

Encourage Water-Cooler Chats

While collaborating with colleagues through email and instant messaging is a common practice in the workplace, encourage your team to reach out to one another for non-work related conversations, too. Strong interpersonal relationships among coworkers breeds trust and results — a sense of unity toward achieving a common goal.

Video Conference, Video Conference, Video Conference

Sure, text communication is valuable and a preferred method by many professionals. But nothing can beat the ease, clarity and comfort of face-to-face conversation — lucky for us, video is pretty close. Schedule routine video chats to touch base with your team, and utilize ice breaker activities to engage your employees. For example, gauge how members of your team are doing by playing a quick round of “Red Light, Green Light” to start the conference. Or, take a page from the past by having each person “show and tell” a chosen item or household pet for a few minutes to kick off the meeting. Any exercise that inspires team-building can quickly dispel feelings of isolation, while getting to the root of potential concerns early on.

After-Hours Fun

Signs of a great company culture can be seen by how the team interacts off the clock, too. Happy hours, group lunches and the like also spur a sense of belonging — and, most importantly, can translate remotely. Free video apps like Zoom are a great place to host virtual meals and drinks. While game-based applications allow users to see one another in a fun, competitive environment. Houseparty is an easy-to-use tool that’s gained recent popularity, allowing players to enjoy games like Quick Draw and Trivia and naturally promotes remote team bonding.

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