Increasing Optimism Is Drawing More Americans Into The Labor Market

May 10, 2018
Increasing Optimism Is Drawing More Americans Into The Labor Market

We recently discussed a number of reports that show a strengthening U.S. economy. Both the ADP National Employment Report and the Employment Situation Summary put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that there was a net increase in jobs last month.

In addition, the job creation figures for the previous two months were revised upwards to reflect uncounted employment. Despite these gains, some observers may have been put off by the fact that the national unemployment rate increased slightly in October.

However, there is evidence that the main reason for this shift is that more Americans are looking for jobs. The Boston Globe reports that nearly 1 million workers have reentered the labor market since September.

This is a positive sign. The Globe spoke to Kenneth Rogoff – an economics professor at Harvard University – for further analysis. He explained that these developments fit into the pattern of a “normal recovery.”

“That’s part of the process,” said Rogoff. “People start to smell jobs and come into the workforce.”

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