Research reveals positive trends in executive job market

June 4, 2012
Research reveals positive trends in executive job market

ExecuNet, a senior-executive networking group, recently released the results of a survey involving over 4,000 executives and hundreds of executive-search and human resources professionals. The research turned up a significant amount of optimism among respondents, centering on indicators of an improving market for executive jobs.

Topping the list of good news was rising interest in high-level hiring. Of the companies represented, 25 percent expect to add new executive positions during the remainder of 2012.

There was also evidence of increased interest in retaining talented individuals. Of the executives surveyed, 67 percent said their companies are focusing more on executive retention compared to last year. Over 50 percent said their companies are increasing executive salaries and bonuses to retain top quality management staff.

However, the executives were still looking to maximize their options, with 58 percent saying they had updated their resumes in the last three months and 67 percent saying they were now actively using the internet to shape their professional image and increase their visibility to potential employers or business partners. Furthermore, 66 percent identified networking as the best way to open up new opportunities and expressed interest in expanding their own professional networks.

A great way to reach out to established executives is to work with one of the recruitment firms that specializes in your company’s industry or geographical area. The executive recruiters surveyed by ExecuNet stated they were expecting a 21 percent increase in executive-search assignments compared to last year. This surge in usage clearly illustrates the utility of working with professional recruiters, as perceived by those companies that are currently looking to expand their executive teams.

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