Top Industries Hiring in 2019

July 29, 2019
Top Industries Hiring in 2019

Sure, June’s solid job creation helped ease some concerns of a slowing economy — but it’s always in your best interest to take advantage of the tight labor market while you can.

One method: know where the jobs are.


High-earning jobs like registered nurses, accountants and auditors are expected to grow 5.71% through 2023, according to CareerBuilder. In fact, the unemployment rate for accountants and auditors was a low 1.5% in June — helping to illustrate this trend. Low-wage positions are also set to experience sizable growth, while middle-wage roles is a moderate 3.83%

Several key sectors have helped drive the economy in Q1 and Q2, with professional and business services, health care and education and leisure and hospitality leading the way. But other sectors made notable gains in June, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Here are a few of the top industries that are hiring into 2019’S Q3 at a glance:

Top Industries Hiring in 2019












Source: BLS

PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS SERVICES: Since January 2019, this industry has added an average of 35,000 jobs per month, which is down from last year’s average monthly gain of 47,000. Still, professional and business services led growth in June with 51,000 added jobs.

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EDUCATION AND HEALTH SERVICES: This supersector added 35,000 jobs in June 2019 — averaging a total of 403,000 over the past 12 months. BLS notes that the most growth took place in ambulatory health services and hospitals.

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TRANSPORTATION AND WAREHOUSING: According to BLS, this industry added 24,000 jobs last month. Top gains included couriers, messengers and air transportation.

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CONSTRUCTION: Hiring in the construction industry continued to trend up in June, adding 21,000 jobs.

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MANUFACTURING: After an overall disappointing early half of 2019, manufacturing employment added 17,000 jobs at the end of Q2. The areas that edged up included computer and electronic products and plastic and rubber products.

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