Why You Should Apply for a Temporary Job This Month

February 12, 2019
Why You Should Apply for a Temporary Job This Month

It’s officially a temp economy. With low unemployment and the rise of gig culture, temporary workers are excelling in today’s market — and employers are starting to catch on.

Temporary work has been on the grow since 2008, with professionals drawn to the flexibility and immediacy of contract positions in the midst of an economic downturn. Now, the non-traditional has become the norm. Candidates are seeking more of a work-life balance that allows them to manage their own schedules, upgrade or expand skill sets and earn great pay — on their own terms. In a recent study by Upwork and Freelancers Union, 56.7 million Americans are contract workers and predict that number to rise in the coming decade.

Instead of fighting this change, companies are using this shift to their advantage. Fortune 500 companies are depending more and more on temp workers to complete key projects and interim roles. The American Staffing Association reports the demand is at its highest level since 1992 as the number of jobs continues to outpace the amount of available candidates. Just this past month, temporary help accounted for 2.03 percent of all U.S. jobs — showing the need remains steady. And even if the economy begins to slow, employers will most likely lean on temporary workers to support its productivity while sidestepping the risk of hiring permanent employees.

Both temp workers and companies often view these short-term opportunities as test-runs, and can transition into temp-to-hire roles if it’s a good fit for both sides. Temporary jobs are also a lucrative way to gain new skills, explore industries and develop your professional network.


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