Widening skills gap produces widespread organizational effects

April 5, 2012
Widening skills gap produces widespread organizational effects

Not since 2007 have companies been willing to hire workers at the rate just observed by a CareerBuilder survey on first quarter hiring trends.

The study, released April 5, finds that about one-third of businesses hired full-time employees in the first quarter of this year, with their decisions to do so likely motivated by sales increases noted by 41 percent of companies. These numbers are reinforced by improving unemployment statistics, which many analysts have predicted will show growth when March figures are released later this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As companies supplement their workforces, competition for workers has also spiked. According to the survey, job candidates are increasingly turning down offers – 56 percent of companies reported this as occurring last quarter.

Earlier this week, this blog reported on the problems that could be experienced by organizations that are not prepared to engage with competitors in the highly frenetic war for talent. The best workers need to be fought for or they could escape to competitors.

“There is a growing gap between high-skill job openings and available talent that has a larger impact on overall employment,” CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson said in press release. “Fifteen percent of employers reported that, because they can’t fill high-skill positions within their organizations, they’re not able to create lower-skilled positions that are tied to these roles.”

The implications of this skills gap could prove extremely detrimental to organizations that are still in the early stages of developing their financial staffs. By working with headhunting firms with established records of success completing financial professional search processes, a business can stay ahead of competitors hiring for those same positions. Once these senior financial executives are in place, recruiting accountants and other financial professionals then becomes an easier task.

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