3 Tips to Help You Land the Job Interview

May 7, 2020
3 Tips to Help You Land the Job Interview

The job search is a process — a series of steps that get you from finding that perfect career opportunity to actually signing an offer letter. And the first significant hurdle to pass: landing an interview.

Job seekers often bypass this step, and instead choose to focus on preparing for the event before they’ve even been contacted by a prospective employer. Start your search on the right foot and increase your chances of getting a job interview with these tips:


So you’re the best candidate for the job? Prove it. Creating a clear and consistent professional image across all platforms helps recruiters and hiring managers quickly gauge your skill set, experience and qualifications for the specific role. This includes restructuring your resume, social media profiles and cover letter to tell the same story: that you can successfully meet the expectations of the position and deserve an interview.

Director of Recruiting Anton Cuyugan stresses the importance of forgoing fluff on your resume for tangible information like education, work experience and software skills. After all, hiring managers scan for select keywords and abilities that are applicable to the role — not if you consider yourself to be a “hard worker” or not.

Pro tip: Properly label your resume with your name and the position you’re seeking, and double-check that all files can be opened.


One of the most effective methods of being invited for an interview is to utilize your network. Companies are more likely to give candidates an opportunity to prove their value with an in-person meeting if they’re referred by someone they trust and have an established relationship with. Our suggestion? Leverage a recruiter’s — or your own — connections.

“If you’re applying online, you’re in a queue of 50 to 100 resumes,” Cuyugan explains. “And if the need is urgent, companies are going to go with someone they’re already talking to. We’re getting your resume to the front of the pile, and you’re also getting a personal recommendation.”

Resources like LinkedIn are also a great option to find professionals working in the company that may already be in your network. First- and second-degree connections can help make those important initial introductions and pave the way to an interview.


Following application guidelines is an early indication to future employers that you pay attention to detail and can follow through with projects. Learn the name of the hiring manager so you can personalize your communications and ensure your information is getting to the right person. It’s also a great way to lay the groundwork for the research that you’ll need to do once you land the job interview.

And if you find a career opportunity to pursue, jump on it. Applying within the first couple days of a job opening increases the chances that your resume will be properly reviewed. One follow-up email to reinforce your interest and fit for the role is also a useful tip, Cuyugan says.

Are you ready to start your search? Submit your resume to connect with a recruiter today!

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