4 Reasons Top Companies are Outsourcing Their Accounting Needs

April 28, 2021
4 Reasons Top Companies are Outsourcing Their Accounting Needs

Hiring is hard. And as companies continue to adapt to this post-COVID-19 workplace environment, those challenges have only amplified. CEOs are tapping into staffing and recruiting firms to address these concerns head-on — investing in experienced experts to make smart, sound hiring decisions instead of handling talent searches internally.
Here are five reasons why companies are outsourcing their company’s accounting needs:

1. Speeds Up the Hiring Process

The waiting game isn’t enjoyable on either side of the table. For employers, it only prolongs an unfilled seat and unattended workload. And for candidates, “breadcrumb recruiting: can become tiresome — allowing talent to find or move forward with other career opportunities during the interview process. Outsourcing hiring needs to a staffing firm can help sidestep this issue by using its expertise to shorten this often lengthy process. Recruiters spend their careers nurturing a pipeline of skilled professionals, knowing exactly when a candidate is ready to make a move. Coupled with remote onboarding experience and an innate understanding of job responsibilities, recruiters can match you with the right professionals quickly and have hiring managers interviewing candidates within hours.

2. Access to Untapped Talent

The trouble with relying on job boards is managing the influx of submissions. Sure, some of the more advanced platforms offer a level of application screening, but you’re still only reaching candidates actively seeking new opportunities in the market. Your company can do better than that. Recruiters are constantly engaging with both passive and active candidates in a wide range of positions. In fact, specialized staffing agencies like Century Group work exclusively with accounting and finance professionals — helping to find and fill roles from accounting operations to C-suite level.

3. Flexible and Skilled Accounting Team

Companies are also embracing temporary or interim staff to handle their accounting needs. In the past year, 52% of businesses surveyed in a poll by PeopleReady say they’ve increased their use of temporary workers — indicating the pandemic has changed how they staff their workforce. Partnering with staffing firms can help connect your company with experienced professionals who are comfortable and capable of hitting the ground running in any role, whether it’s for a few days or several months.

4. Return on Your Investment

As the pendulum swings back to being a candidate-driven market, the war for talent has resumed. Investing in a staffing firm gives companies peace of mind that seasoned recruiters are working on their behalf — often engaging with talented candidates who are passive or not actively seeking new opportunities. Coupled with helping your team to screen and find the most qualified professionals, this partnership provides long-term value to your company’s goals.

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