4 Things to Consider When Hiring an Accounting Manager

February 11, 2021
4 Things to Consider When Hiring an Accounting Manager

The best companies understand that their most valuable asset is their people. That even as the job market fluctuates, a top-notch team can provide the stability needed for a business to succeed.

And developing a hiring strategy that supports this goal is more important than ever in 2021. Accounting Managers — like other supervisory roles — are integral to the efficient operation of the company’s accounting team. From monitoring and analyzing accounting data to enforcing proper protocols, finding the right professional goes beyond job duties. We highlight four critical things to consider when hiring an Accounting Manager to lead your team.

1. Go Beyond the Job Description

Listing the position’s responsibilities and requirements is pretty standard for most job postings. To attract the best accounting professionals, however, the advertisement needs to sizzle. Exaggerating or painting a false narrative of the role is never a good idea, but creating a sense of excitement around the opportunity will help your job stand out. Be sure to focus on the role’s must-have requirements, while also giving insight into the key intangibles you believe an ideal candidate will possess.

2. Focus on Relevant Experience and Credentials

At a base level, successful Accounting Managers are equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a closely related field. But those who went on to pursue an MBA typically exhibit a stronger grasp of leadership and management skills that are necessary for this type of role. Specialized certifications — including Certified Public Accounting (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) — are also great indicators of professionals who further developed their expertise in the area.

Still, we’d caution employers to look beyond educational backgrounds when vetting someone to lead your company’s accounting team. Professionals with two to five years of Accounting Manager experience are likely to have a strong understanding of the varied job responsibilities in a real-world setting — allowing them to hit the ground running.

3. Be Flexible.

When looking for the right fit, that lengthy list of preferred skills and credentials all seem critical. The hunt for the “perfect” candidate, however, may deter your company from actually hiring the talent you need.

Be realistic about the responsibilities that makeup the majority of the role, and flexible on the nice-to-haves that can be learned on the job. Accounting professionals that exhibit success in those key areas may bring other experience that would better benefit the company – don’t miss out on considering them.

4. Partner with Hiring Experts.

Most companies can only devote a small part of its time to candidate searches — it has regular operations to run, after all. But for staffing and recruitment firms, developing a strong, health candidate pool is its bread and butter.

Recruitment firms save businesses cost and uncertainty while optimizing your search’s reach. Unlike internal acquisition teams who work on a reactive basis, recruiters are constantly nurturing long-term relationships with skilled professionals. That way, when a company has an urgent need, recruiters can quickly match the right candidate to the right opportunity without you having to miss a step.

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