Are You Prepared To Be a Manager? Here’s How You Can Know

September 21, 2022
Are You Prepared To Be a Manager? Here’s How You Can Know

Considering becoming a manager? Here are the top ways to know you’re prepared for that next phase in your career.

Check your Internal Motivation: Where Are You at in Your Career?

Think about your current role: do you know it well enough to teach someone else how to do it? Some make the mistake of thinking that managerial promotions should follow a strict time-in-role script. But, knowledge of your current role can outweigh the duration of time spent in your current role. Similarly, time in your role doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been meeting or exceeding expectations. Ask yourself: Do you know your job inside and out? Do you have a proven, sustained track record of success in your current position?

Letting go. When thinking of becoming a manager, many think about the new responsibilities that they’ll gain. However, though you’re gaining responsibilities, you’re also going to be allocating work. And the biggest piece to successfully allocating work? Trust. If you’re prepared to become a manager, you need to be okay with releasing control and trusting that the work you’re allocating is getting done properly.

Managers have to think about the bigger picture: how their team is contributing to the company’s success. As a manager, that success starts with you – your individual contribution – it also ends with you – through your responsibility for your team’s contributions. Great managers are excited and motivated by this concept. Ask yourself: Are you excited to take on new organizational challenges?

Check your External Motivation: Are You Ready To Help Others?

Seventy-five percent of managers in a SHRM survey said that bringing people together to solve problems is one of the top skills a manager needs. Are you a known problem solver? As a manager, you will not only be solving your own problems, but you’ll need to advise your team members on their problems as well. Patience and a willingness to help others are also top managerial skills. If someone comes to you with a question (or several questions), how would you react? If you’re excited to provide assistance and guidance to a resolution, you might just be ready for your managerial career.

One key consideration for being promoted to managing a team: it’s not always going to be about you. In fact, as a manager, you’re committed to the success of those on your team. So, are you willing to help others thrive? Part of retaining a team is investing in the career growth and development of the team members. If you’re ready to help boost others’ careers, check out these long-lasting ways to improve employee well-being.

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