Long-Lasting Ways to Improve Employee Well-Being in the Workplace

July 16, 2021
Long-Lasting Ways to Improve Employee Well-Being in the Workplace

What is employee well-being and why does it matter?

The mental and physical health and wellness of employees is crucial for a thriving business. But many organizations fail to prioritize their employees’ well-being due to the common misconception that it’s too challenging to implement. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Plus, healthy and well-supported employees are more likely to perform better at work, produce higher quality products or services, have less absenteeism and create a positive environment for other workers.

Bottom line: If you want your company to thrive in today’s competitive climate, then you need to pay attention to employee wellness. Here are three solid ways you can improve employee well-being in your organization:

Foster a culture of wellness in the workplace

Setting work boundaries and ensuring employees can take breaks from work when needed is an easy, impactful way to help foster a culture of wellness in the workplace. As the amount of long-term remote employees continues to trend upwards, now, more than ever, the line between work and personal time continues to be blurred. Combatting this is a two step process: First, communicate with employees to determine what the set work hours are. Second, ensure these boundaries are respected amongst all employees.

Listen to employees

A recent survey found that 42% of employees are worried about job security since the start of the pandemic.

The first step in tackling this is to listen to how employees are feeling. Open-mindedness and incorporating employee concerns into the work day create an environment where morale can increase. As always, be mindful of the current circumstances employees are facing while you navigate performance reviews or evaluations.

Mitigate stressors in the workplace

One of the biggest inhibitors to employee well-being is stress. Wrike’s United States stress statistics from 2019 found that “around 94% of workers report feeling stress at work, and almost a third say their stress level is high to unsustainably high.”

Thankfully, there are ways managers can help promote awareness around it and reduce these work-related stressors.

1) Send out emails to increase awareness of the signs of stress.

2) Communicate with employees to identify the cause of stress and help think of solutions, when possible.

3) Promote stress-management activities such as meditation, yoga or webinars.

4) Send them this list of 5 ways to overcome stress at work.

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