Cast a wide net when fishing for talent

May 16, 2012
Cast a wide net when fishing for talent

As anyone in business can tell you, it can be tough to find high-quality candidates, especially when a critical position is left vacant at an inopportune moment.

There can be a lot of pressure on a company’s leadership to fill an empty position as quickly as possible. But, conducting a talent search is time consuming, especially when it comes to more complex roles. Executing a proper financial professional search can be a grueling experience.

At the same time, the responsibilities associated with the vacant position have to be temporarily distributed among other workers. Thus, upper-level staff can suddenly find themselves buried in work that they aren’t used to doing at the same time that they are scouring for an appropriate replacement to fill the empty position. The ensuing stress can be significant.

Obviously, the best bet for resolving the situation quickly is to cast as wide a net as possible. This means exploring new and diverse sources of applicants. Placing ads in the newspaper and sitting back to wait for calls will not cut it in 2012.

There are a wide variety of online job listing and search sites and social networks are gaining traction as a source of job information and applicants. Temporary employees can be brought in to help manage the workload while a permanent replacement is sought. Some companies may even be able to implement a recruiting program targeting universities or professional training services.

It is also worthwhile to consider whether or not the person currently in charge of hiring is the best fit for the job. Even outstanding entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily the best hirers.

When it comes to searching for talented financial professionals to fill critical roles, the best thing a company can do for itself is to contact a firm of corporate recruiters. Hiring professionals are able to dedicate their full time and attention to conducting the most thorough search possible, allowing them to use their expertise to bring the right individuals and employers together.

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