CFALA Career Development Expo and Job Fair 2014

February 21, 2018

On April 23rd, Century Group Chairman, Harry Boxer and Brian Harkavy, Director of Executive Search joined the CFALA Career Development Expo and Job Fair at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel to provide CFALA members with insights on hiring and career development in the financial services field.

Harry Boxer, a Wall Street veteran and noted expert in recruitment and hiring for financial services commented that “CFALA charterholders are in demand in the growing financial services sector – they’ve achieved a level of distinction and respect as a result of their commitment as a Chartered Financial Analyst.  Everyone knows that it’s no easy task to complete the exams.”

The Expo featured speakers and a panel of CFALA members from various fields and career phases.  The speakers and panelists shared insights and best practices for making the right moves at every career level.

During the interactive portion, executive recruiters met with members to share current opportunities.

Brian Harkavy, Director of Executive Search discussed the importance of career decisions: “We work with successful professionals everyday – CFAs, CPAs, MBAs – with experience at leading firms.   They’re focused on building their skills, gaining credentials and experience.   Many times they haven’t focused on how to advance their careers.”

“That’s where we come in.  We help clients succeed by helping them identify and attract the top talent they need.   Great people really are the only competitive advantage.   On the other side, we help top talent succeed by helping them find the right opportunities for achieving their goals.”

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