How to Secure Passive Candidates

October 19, 2021
How to Secure Passive Candidates

Employers across all industries, including accounting and finance, are having to adjust tactics to identify and recruit top talent as the market shifts from client-driven to candidate-driven. Knowing how to target the “passive” applicant is more crucial than ever, since most of the ideal candidates have already been hired by competitors.

A passive candidate is anyone who is being considered for a position by an employer, but isn’t actively searching for work. Passive candidates haven’t applied to the job opportunities and doesn’t plan to. So the question is: how does one attract and secure passive candidates? We share best practices below:

1. Partner with Recruiting Experts

Contrary to traditional job seekers, passive candidates don’t actively search job listings or apply for open roles. No — to find these individuals, companies’ internal talent acquisition teams utilize different methods to help connect qualified passive candidates to their open positions. But with strapped resources, this process can be time-consuming and ineffective compared to the full manpower, expertise and technologies established recruiting firms use on a regular basis. Learn more about how partnering with specialized agencies can help you build stronger teams — while saving on overall costs.

2. Simplify the Interview Process

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to hiring passive applicants is encouraging them to schedule an interview. The goal of your initial messaging or introduction should pique the interest of the passive prospect. Include details about your business, and describe the role and how you believe the passive candidate will benefit from being a part of your team. Video interviews are a great way to show them that you are willing to accommodate their needs. A long and difficult application process may turn off a passive prospect, so keep things simple.

3. Outbid Their Current Role

When you’ve found someone who would be a good match for an open position, it is useful to determine what limitations they have in their current position. Passive applicants are unlikely to leave their current position for a position that is virtually identical elsewhere. In order to stand out, your company must have some distinct differentiators. Highlight a specific pain point the prospective employee has and emphasize how you can offer a solution.

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