Making a Difference in the Lives of Animals and People

February 21, 2018

Many members of the Century Group team spent their off hours helping causes that are important to them. Two such team members are actively involved in causes with similar missions – animal welfare.

Arielle LeBoulch Share, Director of Client Services on the Project and Interim Services team in the El Segundo Office, volunteers with Peace 4 Animals, an organization committed to improving the state of animal welfare on a global scale through education and awareness campaigns.

Founded by model/actress, philanthropist and filmmaker Katie Cleary, Peace 4 Animals produces the World Animal News to educate the public on the latest in breaking animal news, as well as educating its viewers about current legislation, fundraising campaigns, innovative pet products and celebrity-related animal news. The organization also released an award-winning documentary, “Give Me Shelter,” on Netflix to expand the reach of their message.

Most non-profit organizations find their strongest voice on social media, and that’s exactly how Arielle came across this organization. “Social media is a powerful tool,” she said. “As a huge animal lover, I was immediately drawn to their efforts, so I reached out to them and started to volunteer to help make a difference.” Learn more about the organization, how to support the cause and how to find them on social media at

Peace 4 Animals
The Gentle Barn Liz Reinhardt, Century Group’s Director of Marketing, is also an animal lover who spends time during the weekend volunteering at The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita. Like Arielle, she too was drawn to the organization based on their active social media presence. “There are many animal sanctuaries in California, but none is like the Gentle Barn,” she shared.

Founded by Ellie Laks, the Gentle Barn rescues and rehabilitates abused animals. They also host inner city and special needs children during the week, who learn kindness, compassion and confidence from the rescued animals. “The gentle approach they promote exudes in everything they do,” Liz said. “People are often astounded by the peaceful and friendly nature of the animals, especially once they hear the rescue stories. It’s a true testament to the environment Ellie has nurtured.”

For the past six years, the organization has hosted a holiday event in South Central Los Angeles, complete with a bounce house, face painting, gifts and clothing for the kids. For some of the families, these are the only gifts they will get for the holidays, so it has become another way The Gentle Barn gives back to inner city kids who participate in their programs. Each year, they strive to make the holiday event bigger and better, and they’ve set a lofty goal for 2017. They are looking for anything from shoes and clothes for the kids to toasters and coffeemakers for the adults. Learn more about this past year’s event here; if you or your organization would like to make a donation for next year’s holiday event, contact them at [email protected]. You can learn more about The Gentle Barn and how you can visit, as well as links to find them on social media, at

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