Managing Hybrid Staff: 4 Insights for Success

September 2, 2022
Managing Hybrid Staff: 4 Insights for Success

Many companies are making the switch to hybrid, and as a manager, understanding and adapting to this new style of work is essential. How can you successfully manage a hybrid workforce? Here are four tips to help you out.

Be Flexible

You’re likely familiar with the fact that your employees — and their work preferences — don’t fall under a one-size-fits-all category. The good news? Knowing what types of hybrid workers you have in your organization can be a huge advantage. So, how can you determine employee preferences and personality types?

One way is to send out a simple survey. Ask your associates questions regarding in-person versus remote work preferences, hybrid work concerns, and opportunities they’re looking forward to. You’ll likely find that your employees fit into a few distinct categories: those that are happy with a hybrid schedule, those that are unsure about the change, and those that crave help with potential hybrid challenges.

Additionally, consider asking team members to take a workplace-based personality test. This list of the top employer-used personality tests might be a good place to start. Understanding the different personality types on your team will propel you to a more efficient way of working; once you know what workstyles are complementary to each other, you can have confidence in task assignment and navigating team synergy.

Be Strategic

If you know what types of hybrid workers are on your team, it’s time to be strategic. The importance of deadlines, expectations and accountability is heightened when considering a hybrid environment. Setting clear priorities for what work should be done in-person and what work should be done remotely is key to optimizing your team’s time.

Be Inclusive

Exclusivity is the enemy of hybrid work. That’s why it’s essential to be mindful of those who are working remotely while others are in the office. Ensure all-team meetings are held online, and create dedicated channels for team-wide and company-wide communications. That way no one misses a memo.

Also be sure to encourage communication and collaboration. To combat feelings of isolation, facilitate team-building activities such as social events or group lunches. This will help employees feel more connected to one another and foster a sense of teamwork.

Watch for Signs of Burnout

As employees adjust to the new routine of a hybrid workstyle, it’s important to be mindful of the key indicators of burnout. Worried about your team finding a healthy work-life balance? Here’s how to handle employee burnout and prioritize wellness in your workplace.

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