Optimize your business abilities with worldly experience

May 15, 2012
Optimize your business abilities with worldly experience

As much as everyone draws comfort from familiar surroundings, it is essential that business owners and other decision makers at a company have experience from outside of their comfort zone.

Narrowly focused individuals, even if they excel tremendously in one area, will ultimately find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to maneuvering in an increasingly diverse business world. Even a top talent in finance will be limited in his or her effectiveness without at least some background in dealing with different people and situations.

Groups of like-minded people making decisions without outside influences or input can lead to an “echo chamber” effect, in which the same ideas bounce back and forth, reinforcing each other and preventing new thoughts from moving in different directions from the standard.

Fortunately there are many things an open-minded person can do to gain world experience and improve their critical thinking and decision-making capabilities.

Travel can be an incredibly enriching experience. Seeing the conditions in which other cultures live – and in which foreign consumers and corporations buy and sell – can offer useful insights into how to approach new markets or build partnerships with international businesses.

Another good way to easily expand your knowledge base and your ability to work with information is to read. Especially when you expose yourself to a diverse range of ideas and opinions, you can make huge improvements in your ability to work with different individuals and see multiple sides of issues.

Just as individuals and organizations benefit from diversity, so too does a recruitment process. This is a good reason to consider working with a firm of professional recruiters.

Executive search experts can take the time to find the best applicants with the widest range of experience. Instead of relying on networking only with closely-linked candidates, expanding your executive or financial professional search through a recruiting firm will open up the process to include individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This helps ensure that the most well-rounded applicant is selected.

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