Reputation is important, but character is the key

May 30, 2012
Reputation is important, but character is the key

All business owners and executives know that reputation is important. Especially with growing consumer access to the internet, disreputable companies and individuals are subject to public ridicule and alienation from potential partners and customers.

However, a person’s character is every bit as important as his or her reputation, if not even more so, and the two may not necessarily match up perfectly. Reputation is all about perception: it only refers to what other people expect from an individual. A reputation may be hard-earned and accurate or it may be wildly off-the-mark. Any person could hypothetically have any reputation.

A warrior with a reputation for fearlessness may still turn and run from a dangerous battle. But, those with bravery at the core of their character would stand firm, regardless of the odds against them.

Therein lies the difference between the two traits. Character is all about what a person will do, rather than what other people expect of him or her. And, in business, it is the character of an executive that matters most.

Of course, leaders may often need to take into account the impact that their actions will have on their reputations, but organizations always need to carefully consider the character of any candidate who they are considering for a high-level office. Especially when it comes to filling jobs in finance, it is crucial to select individuals of great integrity to hold the most influential positions. That’s why it pays to always work with a firm of professional recruiters when conducting an important financial professional search.

The staff at executive recruiting firms have expertise in looking past people’s reputations to examine the character of each candidate. This helps a company guarantee that it is really hiring a high-quality performer, rather than a hyped-up pretender.

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