Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in the ’70s, Harry landed his dream job as a broker on Wall Street. But in 1974, with the market collapsing, he knew he would have to find a new opportunity. He began making the rounds to search firms hoping to find work as an analyst. With nothing available, but impressed by Harry’s energy, every one of those firms offered him a position as a recruiter.

Out of the numerous firms, Harry selected and began his search career with a New Jersey-based firm, wasting no time becoming its top producer. Harry later convinced the partners to launch an office in Southern California. In a matter of months, he had relocated and had it up and running strong.

By 1989, Harry wanted to create a new firm based on his own vision — what he called the “group concept.” Soon, recruiters whose talents he had spotted and tapped in the past were lining up to join him. Among them: Don Yaeger, who would become his partner, and Ron Proul as a staff recruiter.

In the early days, Century Group didn’t need next-gen technology or corporate backing — it had more than enough raw collective energy, talent and ambition to catapult it to the next level. With automation technology and advancements, the firm’s productivity, reputation and reach have only grown exponentially.

Quite possibly, Harry’s greatest achievement is that he has been able to bring together — and keep together — so many talented people for so many years. A collaborative work environment has kept many Century Group staffers with the company for over a decade. It is a testament to Harry’s uncanny aptitude for spotting the right people and putting them in the group concept to achieve their full potential. Perhaps it’s not all that uncanny when you consider that he has conducted over 20,000 interviews in his career.

In 2015, after 40 years in search, Harry retired — allowing the firm to continue under the loyal team he assembled over the years. He is still active on the firm’s Board of Directors as a chief advisor and keeps himself very busy as an investor, publishing books, speaking nationally and internationally as well as working daily with his website (thetechtrader.com).