Michelle Bui

Century Group offers professionalism, timeliness, qualified candidates and, best of all, sincerity. They placed one temporary and two direct hire candidates for us — both direct hire candidates have received promotions and the temporary worker has been converted to a permanent hire. Quality candidates from Century Group allow us to save time and money.

Jose Paguia

We were getting a lot of candidates, but there were some resumes that weren’t a good fit. With Century Group, we get a better candidate pool compared to having our in-house recruiters search for talent.

Alex Murphy

Even during the most difficult staffing times, Century Group has delivered strong candidates for our consideration. They remain in touch throughout the interview process and even follow up after the hires are finalized. The personal touch of knowing your client really stands out with our recruiter after over 20 years of working together.

Apollo Diaz

I have been both a client and an employee on assignment with Century Group. As a client, they have always been able to secure the right talent for me and as an employee, they found me a position that suits my experience. For that, I’m loyal from both perspectives and continue to give Century Group business.

Geraldine Yumping

Century Group has a very personal and hands-on approach — catering to what the exact needs are.

Lori Amar

I worked with Century Group and explained exactly what I needed in a payroll candidate. They provided several candidates with a vast amount of experience that fit the criteria we were looking for.

Mike Bilby

The Century Group team is attentive, responsive and fun. And while it’s already good to work with a group like that, they also repeatedly give us strong candidates right out the gate — saving us a lot of time and energy. They’re clearly attracting top talent, making our hiring process that much easier. Century Group has become our go-to business partner.

Kate Stefan

I was looking for a Controller candidate to hire for our organization and Century Group delivered. Century Group’s services stood out to be more personable, relatable and accessible than others we’ve used in the past. My overall experience with Century Group is a 10 out of 10.

Gail Skogen

Century Group has been there for me in providing contract staff resources, permanent staff placements and finally supported me as candidate and placed me in my current role! They take the time to understand the company culture, client needs and work styles, and provides solid vetted candidates quickly.

Nicole Johnson

Our company often searches for quality candidates and using Century Group has made our recruiting and interviewing process much more efficient. Century Group was professional, quick, effective and results-proven.