Jeff Froehlich

The Century Group team was great to work with and heard what we needed. They would only put candidates forward that they knew I would be confident of.

Katie Bernstein

Century Group had further reach in finding candidates than our internal recruiting team, and our recruiter took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for in a candidate.

Kim Heistand

Century Group has always been a great partner. Because of our long-standing relationship, they’ve always taken the time to get to know what types of talent and resources I need or what types of environments I would thrive in.

Zach Grado

The Century Group team really listened when asking about what we are seeking in a potential candidate, whereas competitors were not. They put in the work to find us a great candidate who not only matched our role-related criteria, but also exemplified our company values.

Brennen McMullin

Century Group has been a trusted advisor — not only in finding candidates but also developing our approach for roles and staffing strategy. After a number of successful searches over the past few challenging years, they are on the shortlist of important calls we make with regard to talent.

Jan Lam

Century Group’s candidates were of high quality, and I was not pressured to make a decision on a candidate when I had reservations. I would use Century Group again for my hiring needs.