The importance of hiring the right professional for the job

August 9, 2012
The importance of hiring the right professional for the job

Employee engagement has become a buzzword for professionals in recent years. But, many business leaders may be unsure of how to create conditions in their workplace that will facilitate increased engagement among employees.

And, with the economy still struggling, many firms remain focused on survival, leaving leaders with little time to spend on team building. However, most continue to acknowledge the importance of maintaining employees’ morale and interest in their work. A 2010 survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 84 percent of employers believe alienated employees form one of the greatest threats to their businesses.

Psychologist Robert Hogan told attendees of the American Psychology Association’s annual conference in August that bad management contributes significantly to workers’ stress levels and can affect their engagement and productivity.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a business psychology professor at University College in London, told USA Today one part of the problem may be that individuals are often placed in situations that do not suit them. The effect can be greatly exacerbated when unsuitable candidates are selected for executive offices or other leadership positions.

“People choose jobs that are not ideal for them,” he says. “The realities of the job market today is to have a job or take an offer without thinking whether it’s the right job for them. That leads to dissatisfaction and complaints.”

This highlights the importance of placing the right professionals in the right positions. Recruitment firms can provide expertise that helps their clients place individuals in jobs where they will be well-suited to their work and remain engaged over the long-term.

Through a comprehensive individualized assessment of each candidate – including an in-depth interview process and contextual research – professional recruiters help companies evaluate their needs, identify leading candidates and recruit their top choice for any given position.

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