The Value of Virtual Employee Recognition (and 4 Ideas To Get Started)

June 24, 2021
The Value of Virtual Employee Recognition (and 4 Ideas To Get Started)

As many companies are continuing to utilize remote work, now, more than ever, teams can be comprised of employees that live in different states, countries or continents. But whether face-to-face or behind a screen, employee recognition is key in order to create a strong, productive environment. Doing so boosts morale, helps promote feelings of investment in the workplace and leads to increased productivity.

Employers need to be mindful of virtual employee recognition and ensure employees feel valued especially when in-person communication is taken out of the equation. Here are a few ways you can thoughtfully recognize employees while working remotely:

Highlight Individual Achievements

A simple yet effective way of telling employees you recognize and appreciate their efforts is to highlight their individual accomplishments. Send out a monthly email spotlighting an employee who went above and beyond and encourage fellow employees to respond with their notes of gratitude.

*If you receive positive customer feedback, share that with the team, too!

Recognize the Team as a Whole

It takes a village. And sometimes, that village needs to feel appreciated. Schedule a virtual team lunch where employees can chat about non-work-related topics, or send reminders encouraging employees to recharge. Organizing a virtual team-building experience, such as wine tasting or team trivia, can also help your employees feel acknowledged and valued.

Be Intentional

In order to gauge employee appreciation, it’s important to be proactive. Simply put: communicate with your employees. Set up one-on-one meetings and ask employees individually if they feel appreciated and how you can help.

Be intentional when it comes to getting to know your employees better. Remember, in a virtual environment you’re missing out on chatting by the water cooler. Instead, periodically reach out to employees and ask them how their day is going or what they’ve been enjoying in their free time – questions like these go a long way in ensuring employees feel known.

Invest in Employee Development

Professional development is a must when it comes to showing employees you’re interested in their career journey. This demonstrates that you are focused on retaining that employee, and interested in helping them achieve their career goals. In addition to benefiting the employee, the employer reaps rewards as well. Reducing turnover, attracting talent and increasing engagement and productivity are all outcomes of professional development.

Learn more about why you should be investing in professional development.

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