3 Productivity Tips to Get More From Your Workday

September 10, 2020
3 Productivity Tips to Get More From Your Workday

Burnout is a serious thing right now. Whether from video conferencing, remote work or any number of stressors this year has brought on, staying focused on your everyday tasks can be difficult.

We get it.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of productivity hacks that can help you get back on track — and closer to accomplishing your daily goals.

1. Wake up earlier.

Catching extra Zs in the morning may seem like a logical method to getting more out of your day. More rested, more productive, right? Well, those few minutes can actually be draining your overall effectiveness. Giving yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes to focus on you — whether through meditation or to plan your day — can eliminate some of the stress the early morning rush can leave behind. And most importantly, sets you up for success.

2. Use the alarm system.

Do you ever get stuck on a single project — not realizing that you’ve spent hours circling the productivity drain? This scenario happens often, especially when burnout is an issue. But sometimes all we need is a little jolt to get moving. Creating a random alarm system on your phone is an aural signal to yourself to take a step back, evaluate your progress and start on something new, if necessary. Setting the final alarm a few minutes before the end of your workday can also help establish a clear break between your work and after-work life in the evening, allowing you to wrap up what needs to be done before calling it a day.

3. Write down your priorities.

Gone are the days of to-do lists for menial work — it’s all about framing your workday around a few key priorities. Jotting down one to three important goals you want to achieve each morning can help you remain motivated throughout the day, and help fend off those bouts of sluggishness by providing a sense of purpose. The physical process of writing down daily goals can also give you that much sought after thrill of accomplishment the act of crossing things off your list can generate.

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