The Secret to Fostering Open Communication at Work

September 19, 2018
The Secret to Fostering Open Communication at Work

Sink or swim. The adage is a common one in the corporate world — a way to distinguish successful employees from the rest. In this tight labor market, however, that type of onboarding experience will most likely backfire.

Today’s talent require a gentler touch.

As discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, transitioning to an unfamiliar work environment is a challenging time for professionals. Employers should ease their new hires into the company’s unique culture and norms, as well as clearly vocalize the role’s responsibilities and expectations. But it’s important to remember communication goes both ways. And, more importantly, is a fundamental component to creating an open, accessible workplace for employees to meet their full potential.

A 2015 study performed by theEMPLOYEEapp illustrates that 68 percent of employees surveyed believe the frequency of communications with their employer directly impacts their job satisfaction. Why not ace this area during the first 90 days?

Supervisors can start by identifying their new hire’s communication style. Do they prefer email, instant messenger or in-person meetings? Often times, scheduling regular one-on-one sessions encourages employees to share their ideas, challenges and concerns more freely. Try to stay consistent with powwows, so employers can continue to gauge how well their employee is adapting and keep that line of communication open.

Looping them into the company’s review processes for projects or smaller tasks is also something to keep in mind. New hires want to know if there are various check-in points or when they can ask questions and get feedback for particular assignments. Making sure everyone is up to speed limits both stress and frustrations in the long run — helping your team reach its goals more efficiently and effectively.


“The First 90 Days: Set Your New Hire Up for Success,” with concepts adapted from “The First 90 Days” by Michael D. Watkins, is a three-part series designed to help companies onboard their new hires for optimal success. Part 1 focused on the importance of helping your new hire establish productive working relationships, and Part 2 included a four-step guide to a comprehensive orientation program.

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